Joomla vs. WordPress Part I

What is Open Source?Open source normally refers to a program in which the source code is open to the public, who can use and/or modify it from the original design for free. Programmers generally collaborate to create and improve open source code, sharing their changes within the community. Open source came about in the technology […]


Everything You Need to Know about ASP.NET Web Forms

ASP.NET Web FormshIn my last blog, I covered NuGet: an extension of Visual Studio that helps you integrate famous libraries and packages into your application. As I mentioned in that blog, I will be using NuGet from time to time throughout this blog series, so I went ahead and got it out of the way […]


Everything You Need to Know about NuGet

NuGet What is NuGet and how do I use it? Most of you must have gone through the agony that you sometimes feel when adding libraries or tools or managing resource dependencies to use in your project manually, whether it’s a single DLL file to reference, or a pack of files to reference along with […]


Everything You Need to Know about ASP.NET

New Technologies, Tools and FeaturesWeb Development in ASP.NetHello all my fellow coders! If you have been in the game as long I have, you know that there have been drastic improvements in web application and website development since the birth of .NET web development in January 2002 (ASP.NET v 1.0). All of these improvements, including […]


Technological Change: A Death Sentence or A Competitive Advantage?

Technology changes quickly—will it be the key to your company’s success, or its downfall? Technology hosts some of the fastest changing industries in business today; keep up and you can rule the market, fall behind however and you can go the way of the dinosaur, but with less public interest. Nobody is safe. Being a […]


Common Misconceptions about JavaScript

Things You Should Know about JavaScript    JavaScript was initially developed by Brendan Eich of Netscape in 1995 for their navigation browser, and in nearly two decades it has evolved further than Mr. Eich probably ever thought possible. Today JavaScript is the most popular client-side programming language not only in the world of web development, […]


Advantages Offshore: Allshore versus oDesk

There are many different tools available when outsourcing your software projects across the globe, some of which are outstanding, and some of which are a nightmare. The difference lies in accountability: in the offshore staffing industry, accountability is everything and companies that can offer that, and the advantages that accompany it, are a cut above […]


Cloud Buzzing

Lately, there has been increasingly more buzz about migrating data to cloud servers in order to cut down IT costs, but a technology like cloud computing can also offer many other benefits.  Many think that the cloud was invented to cut down on the ever-rising costs of hardware, when actually it was formed by information […]