Tech Tuesday: March 2015

Keeping up with new tech is important, but it’s especially important for startup owners to keep current. So you don’t get behind, here is a Tech Tuesday recap of the happenings from this quarter:   January saw CES 2015 come and go, starting out the new year with a bang. CES always has a wide […]


23 Awesome Tools for Tracking Your Startup Talent Performance

Working in a startup environment means that you constantly need to keep track of how your talent is performing, especially since hiring remote teams has become a common trend. It’s essential that you are on top of every performance aspect that affects your talents’ productivity. So how do you manage hybrid teams and still stay […]


Skype – The Communication Key to Globalizing Talent

The Communication Key to Globalizing Talent This is an age of globalization, and businesses are seeking to move into an international scale. With access to a global talent pool, unexpected doors are being opened, and creativity and innovation are promoted within companies at the highest level. The question now is, how can business professionals who […]


Getting Started in iOS App Development

Are you new to developing with Apple software? This blog is perfect for beginners and explains the tools you need to begin iOS app development. Setup Development EnvironmentBefore starting application development, you will need to set up the application development environment.Make sure you have the following tools:A Mac computer with version OS X 10.8 or lateriOS SDKThis […]


Islamabad Drupal Camp

 Drupal is a content management framework that is used worldwide. The key point for the success and popularity of Drupal is the strong community of active contributors the framework has. We Pakistanis are not behind either, and arrange Drupal camps regularly to teach and learn about this programming system.After the successful Drupal camp that was […]


Seven Habits to Avoid When Working Remotely with Your Client

  Many companies are now outsourcing their development or IT departments to a remote team, an excellent opportunity for programmers worldwide. However, when you are working with your client remotely, you need to be at the top of your game. Communication is everything, and listening to the clients’ perspectives, coordinating closely with your teammates, and […]


AngularJS VS NodeJS

In one way or another, we have all experienced the richness that traditional JavaScript has brought into our online web surfing. Almost anything related to web user interactivity sparkles, with awesome features like alert boxes, form validations, web page design aid, and so on. While today JavaScript has been “transformed” into an amalgamation of a great set of […]


Developing CRUD Applications in Laravel 4

Developing a Simple CRUD Application in LaravelIn this article I am going to demonstrate how to develop a simple CRUD (Create, Read/Retrieve, Update, and Delete) application in Laravel. Laravel is a popular PHP framework, initially released on Feb 2012 and freely available. In order to understand a framework based on MVC (Model View Controller), it’s […]


How to Develop Basic CRUD Operations in CodeIgniter

Today I am going to demonstrate the basic installation of CodeIgniter, a PHP Framework, and a simple example of building a CRUD (Create, Read/Retrieve, Update and Delete) with it.Pre-requisitesIt’s assumed that you have an intermediate level of understanding of the following:PHP, MySQL, OOP, MVCInstallationDownloadTo work with CodeIgniter, we have to download its latest version (2.1.4 […]


Joomla vs. WordPress Part III

In Part I of this series, we got a basic introduction to open source and a basic introduction to Joomla and WordPress. In Part II we saw the main tenants of Joomla and WordPress. Now in Part III, we will see how to develop sites in WordPress and Joomla, focusing on what main ingredients are required […]