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“To promote cultural understanding and build international relationships through
a trusted, compassionate and profitable staffing experience.”

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Allshore was created to offer an alternative to traditional outsourcing, where the customer has little communication with their freelance employee, little say in task flow, and even less accountability. Our founder had first-hand experience with the frustration of these downsides, and sought to build a staffing company that combined the benefits of outsourcing with the stability of in-house.

We provide cost-effective, flexible staffing for businesses of any size. Our employees have multiple specialized managers, and constant communication allows clients to fully manage their own projects. We strive to become an integrated part of your team, not just service providers.

Our stateside headquarters in Norman, Oklahoma houses our operational and client support teams. Here, our Client Relations Managers focus on service efficiency through accountability, HR, and communication support to all clientele.

Our service and technical support teams are located in three offices across Pakistan: Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. Here, our Team Leads oversee and mentor staff who work directly with their clients

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Fostering Better Relations

International business has a far-reaching effect that impacts more than just economics; it brings people and cultures together that might otherwise never interact and unifies them toward a common goal.  Part of what makes Allshore so successful is the relationship between the home office in Norman and the development offices in Pakistan. This relationship stems from the partnership and friendship Allshore’s founder, Randall Agee, forged with the CEO in Pakistan, Raheel, as they built Allshore together. The partnership and friendship that these two developed not only opened the door to a great business opportunity, it created an understanding and appreciation between both for a culture about which they knew little, and assumed plenty. They realized the power of international business to bring people together and foster good relations, and they have made it their mission to spread this good will in both countries.

We value our international friends and we respect their religious and cultural needs just as they respect ours. We want to learn more about them and we want them to learn more about us. Allshore is committed to breaking down cultural barriers and stigmas through information, and to creating a productive environment that fosters trust, understanding, and most importantly the chance to connect personally and form our own opinions.

Randall and Raheel

Randall Agee and Raheel Afzal shake hands in Islamabad, Pakistan 2012

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